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07-29-2005, 10:34 PM
Hello everyone!

After playing around with GEarth for a while I wondered if you can make paths to enjoy a flight over an area of interest and after browsing an hour or two I've come up with this: A smooth flight over northern Australia. To enjoy this with your favourite chillin`or whatever music, follow that direction:

- Download attached file and open with GEarth
- Adjust your Options to (as I prefer):
- Tools, Options, Control
- Toggle advanced
- Adjust settings at 'Driving directions tour options'
- Camera tilt angle: 65 degrees
- Camara renage: 5000 metres
- Speed: 300
- Press Ok
- Doubleclick on your downloaded Flight over northern Australia
- Uncheck the checkbox to hide the path lines
- Press play and relax...

Here are the instructions to make such paths. You don't need GEarth Plus for that but the camera position stays like you configuered it at options (don't know if you can change that with Pro or higher...):

- Make a folder for placemarks
- Create placemarks one after the other to represent the key points of your flight
- Don't forget to sort them to the right order from to to down
- Click right on the folder and choose Save as...
- Save a kml file (IMPORTANT) and remember location ;-)
- Go to Pathgen (http://dev.bt23.org/keyhole/pathgen/) and follow directions
- Save the generated file and open with GEarth
- As the generated path is not smooth, right click on the placemark for the path and click Copy
- Go to Google Earth Tools (http://www.duehnforth.com/ge/) and paste the copied placemark/path into the first big textarea at smooth path
- Enter a nice amount of Interpolation Steps (me using 25) and click Smooth Path!
- Voilá, there it is, just save, open and edit to give your flight a nice name and description
- To share, always save as kml file

I didn't now, if this should be uploaded as a general file as no special location has been focused, but i think this is great way for many nice possibilities... May one generate one for famous Route 66, i would love to get it. (If you post flights, please play around with the options and post your favourite preferences too.)

Thanks a lot for reading and trying,

Greeting from newbie GHad