View Full Version : STOP descriiption requirements ! (Rant & Request)

02-12-2006, 04:31 PM
For the second time, I have had a file rejected for lack of a description.

The first time was "350 chateaux in France" What else should a person say that doesn't insult the visitor?

The current rejection, which I have not deleted, is "Places below sea level" which had the description "File has Wikipedia reference" (That means the file carries the info source with it, so folks don't have to refer back to the posting.) What else is needed?

I believe the titles to the file should tell it all and entice the downloader. I've put up such things as "225 nuclear facilities" and "Over 200 Virginia Plantations" -- the titles get the downloads.

Many of your posts lack enough info in BOTH the title and description. Look at today's "BUCURESTI" with description "BUCURESTI HD" It doesn't tell folks that it is Bucharest, Romania, with a slightly higher definition view of downtown, but it's 1.6 MB WITH 50% cloud cover! That got approved.

Others have to replicate the title to meet your foolish requirement Today, I see the title: "Four Planes In Flight - Atlanta USA" with the description: "Found four planes in flight near Atlanta USA."

Please restore my latest download and revise your policy. It is VERY frustrating. Failing that, PLEASE describe your policy in detail, so that our time and effort is not further wasted.

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Captain Hornblower
02-12-2006, 04:49 PM
Same again: does it hurt you when you write at least one full sentence what the people can expect?

No HTML code
Use this field to explain why we should post your file on the site, and why users on the site would want to download it.
Please be factual in your description and avoid any politcally motivated comments
This text is shown in the add-file-form. Modify the description and it will be approved...

02-12-2006, 05:14 PM
You make some good points CollinsP and I imagine that there will be a clarification of policy discussion on the moderator board, with a new and improved policy posted soon for everybody to read.

You are correct, the BUCURESTI file should not have been approved due to lack of description. But I disagree when you state, ""350 chateaux in France" What else should a person say that doesn't insult the visitor?"

Is '350 Chateaux' a listing of 350 different Chateaus? Is '350 chateaux' an address on 350 Chateaux Lane? Chateaux is not a word known by English speakers, and, sadly, very few of us are knowledgeable enough to realize that an 'x' at the end of a French word can mean plural. A Google search for the definition tells me that "Chateaux" is the name of a British heavy metal band - http://www.answers.com/chateaux&r=67 . I don't care for heavy metal bands at all, I would never want to have 350 of them :lol:

A description is just a way to entice downloads and describe what the user might see. What would be wrong with "This file shows 350 different chateaus all over France." or "This is the beautiful home of Somebody Or Another at 350 Chateaux Lane south of Paris"

The more interesting the description, the more downloads a file will get. We should all take a few extra seconds as a courtesy to other users of GEH and type in a decent description. In return, the mods should try to make sure that all approvals have a good description on them.