View Full Version : Calling all golfers in the US!!!!

02-19-2006, 05:06 AM
Or calling anyone interested in building some sweet KML files!!

Mickey (the brains behind GEH) and I are currently working on a new golf website using GE. Basically, itís a site with all the vital stats of golf courses in different cities. What makes us different is that we have downloadable KML's and over head satellite views of each hole for the course.

Here's where we need a little help. Building the KML's is not difficult but it is time consuming (approx. 45 min to fully build one). We've already built a ton, but we need some help in building more so that we can add cities quicker and more courses to the cities we have.

If you are interested in build 1 KML or 1000 KML's to help us out, let me know.

Either send me an email (beezer@golfnation.org) or send me a PM here and I'll give you the low down on how you can help us out.


PS - You don't have to be from the US to help us build some KMLs. I know that a huge part of the GEH community is not from the US. But the site is only courses in the US.