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03-27-2006, 11:54 PM
I thought i'd share this with you, I emailed GE support asking why some image data seems to randomly revert to older images and got what looks like a standard reply from them. I thought it might be especially useful to new users, it answers a few basics about the data, like when high resolution images will be available.


Thank you for your note on how we can make our database better. We
appreciate your feedback and use your comments to improve both our
database and our Support Center.

We investigate all data errors and pass all imagery requests on to our
data production team.

We're aware that the imagery for some areas may appear blurry, contain
cloud coverage, appear slightly discolored or out of focus. We strive to
provide the clearest data possible so it's likely that better resolution
data is currently unavailable from our data providers. Once it becomes
available, we'll surely update our database.

Although we do update and/or add new data on a monthly basis, we do not
have a list of when currently low resolution areas or data anomalies will
be updated.

We're aware that some addresses are not roof-top accurate. This is the
result of how addresses are matched up to an exact position on the Earth.
We rely on a technique called "address interpolation," which is a fancy
way of saying that we take our best guess. More specifically, we take the
total number of addresses in a given block and assume an even distribution
of the addresses along that block. For example, if there are ten addresses
for the 800 block of Main Street, we assume that the fifth address is
located at the halfway point.

Ideally, we'd use a database that could precisely match addresses to their
rooftops, but unfortunately, such a database doesn't exist. We hope to
have a system in place in the near future that will allow users to correct
their location search results.

We do, however, currently have a way to add and edit business listings: