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03-31-2006, 07:04 PM
This is a discussion thread for the following file:<br><br><b><a href=http://www.googleearthhacks.com/dlfile16597/The-Munich-massacre---Olympics-1972.htm>The Munich massacre - Olympics 1972</a></b><br><br>The Munich massacre occurred during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, when members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage by the Palestinian terrorist organization Black September a group within Yasser Arafat's Fatah organization. The hostage-takers eventually murdered 11 Israeli athletes, nine of them during a botched German rescue attempt, and one German police officer. Five of the eight kidnappers were also killed by police during the rescue attempt, with the three captured surviving hostage-takers later being released by Germany following the hijacking of a Lufthansa airliner.<br />
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munich_massacre<br><br><img src=http://www.googleearthhacks.com/images/new/080505/484226Clipboard16.jpg>