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04-06-2006, 01:54 AM
This is a discussion thread for the following file:<br><br><b><a href=http://www.googleearthhacks.com/dlfile16593/The-Ascension-Island.htm>The Ascension Island</a></b><br><br>This is Ascension Island in the mid Atlantic Ocean which is currently a blurred spec. It includes a Map, Satellite photograph and selected places marked. I would say more, but check out their website: www.ascension-island.gov.ac/<br><br><img src=http://www.googleearthhacks.com/images/new/080505/808959AC2.jpg>

04-14-2006, 07:54 PM
Downloaded the file three times now and can't see anything on the island, still just a blur... Can you check it's OK?