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05-05-2006, 01:53 PM
This is a discussion thread for the following file:<br><br><b><a href=http://www.googleearthhacks.com/dlfile17647/Tour-de-France-2006.htm>Tour de France 2006</a></b><br><br>ello All,<br />
Here I want to start the followup of the Tour de France 2006.<br />
<br />
Here are already the Prologue and Stage 1.<br />
As I gather more information I will publish more stages. Here You can help by providing detail informations on the stages.<br />
<br />
Last year I provided the 'Live Network Link' and this year I plan the same.<br />
The more accurate the route for the stages is the better the Live Link!<br />
<br />
Regards,<br />
Lucifer<br />
<br />
Prologue:<br />
This is the exact course for the prologue, as published on the Website of the city of Strasbourg<br />
<br />
Stage 1:<br />
Most probable course for stage 1.<br />
Prestart and arrival from Kehl to finish are exact.<br />
The rest of the route is the most probable one given the list of Waypoints.<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
Lucifer<br><br><img src=http://www.googleearthhacks.com/images/new/080505/38286tdf.jpg>

05-05-2006, 01:57 PM
I have updated the Placemark file.

Please download the new one. It is a Network link so you will always get the most up to date information (more Stages...).

Administrator: If you can replace the original file with this one and then delete this post.

Captain Hornblower
05-05-2006, 05:10 PM
From mod: consider it done

05-21-2006, 02:11 PM
Its done,

I just uploaded the final stages, the Tour is complete.

I will refine the tracks of the stages a little further.

If you find any error, please let me know so i can correct the track.