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05-29-2006, 05:35 PM
This is a discussion thread for the following file:<br><br><b><a href=http://www.googleearthhacks.com/dlfile18241/Cheney-Guns-Down-Friend-3D.htm>Cheney Guns Down Friend 3D</a></b><br><br>An interesting way to use Google Earth, this is Cheney accidently shooting his buddy, in 3D, at the almost exact location. By Dic*Cheney (pardon me, but that's his first name, and the filters block his name) at GEC.<br />
<br />
And no, this is by no means a political message, (atleast not on my part). <br><br><img src=http://www.googleearthhacks.com/images/new/080505/581433che.jpg>

05-29-2006, 11:48 PM
I believe they were much farther apart, and he hit him with buckshot in the head, not chest.
By the way, the victim was a lawyer :lol:

05-29-2006, 11:49 PM
You may want to understand a slight bit about physics. If the full force of a gun were to actually knock someone backwards, it would knock the shooter over when he fired it.

So even though your little guy flying through the air looks cool, it is unrealistic even if that were a 1 oz shotgun slug.

05-30-2006, 02:47 AM
1. Its not mine
2. I don't care about the physics, it just looks cool.