View Full Version : VIRUS WARNING - Free GE PRO Postings

08-08-2006, 02:31 PM
Good Morning GEH Members!

We are getting a number of postings offering GEH Pro for free. There is a link. At the other end of the link is a virus. Here's what the posting looks like:

hi Guyyyys

The Great Russian Cracker Nagetar Developed this Wonderful Crack to make your Google Earth Free Copy upgraded to Pro. version which its price is 400 $

after I upgraded my Google Earth and tried to discover the earth by it I found it so wonderful when I zoomed again and again to see my Flat I can see anything on the street very Highly and All the Views updated eaxh 5 minutes really , Its a wonderful crack

I have downloaded it from here and this isn`t spam it is just a link

(link removed)

NOTE : Close your Anti Virus b4 opening the Crack coz all the new crackz are detected by anti-viruses as viruses

Upgrade and EnJoy

THX Guys

If you see a post like this, DO NOT click on the link - click the little red triangle and report the post. All mods will get an email and one of us will delete it as soon as possible.

Use common sense, here and everywhere on the web. If someone asks you to download a file and turn off your anti virus software, you are pretty stupid if you follow those instructions.

And even though the name of this site is Google Earth Hacks, we do not condone or accept software hacking or software piracy in any way, shape or form.