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08-11-2005, 04:20 PM
my family home is still there in Meiringen and zurich city.

Dont spent your Money for the "Jungfrau" , i was there whit the scool long time before (they pay that). I have seen nothing, because it was raining and full of fog.But one thing is nice, the ICE Palace . walk arround inside ice.
Some Japanese Tourist spent 200.-sfr for go up there. Bad luck .
I will give you a free virtual Tour here and you will see more.

"Brienzer Rothorn" its nice to go , take some beer and chips and enjoy the funny trip whit some freands or your wife.
have a look at: http://www.brienz-rothorn-bahn.ch/bahn/bildergalerie

Dont spent your Money in "Grindelwald" (Eiger,Mönch,Jungfrau) its too expensive. better go to "Meiringen Hasliberg" or "Axalp" for Skiing Snowboarding Familiy walking etc.
Grindelwald is the place where Moviestars and Prince Charls are going.
Somewhere they make movies for James Bond and some Indian Movies .
Forgeth this place.

Arround Meiringen its really nice for Sport and Family-Peopels (summer and wintertime) and not that full of Tourists and much more cheaper.
Last time i got a "Yeti Drink" at thet Bars up mountain and later i feel so good.
Some coffee are whit 80% alkohol. I really saw a "YETI", after 3 drinks.;-)
and next day i saw the painkillers.
http://www.alpenregion.ch/assistent/fotogallery (in english too)

there is a place "Aare Schlucht"
http://www.aareschlucht.ch not that special but nice and cheap, in chur the "Viamala" is much better.
Near there is a Place to book a Crazy Downhill Trip whit a special bike, you go up whit a funny stupid train and come down from the Mountain whit the Bike . Great ! This one they dont show in Internet but i will make it for sure one time.

The most problem here is, its often raining. but you just need raining clothes and good shoes ;-)

You know Sherlock Holmes was really here ? Its true.

If you like museum for old houses there is a place in Brienzwiler 10min from Meiringen.
not for mee , i like action and adventure ;-) but if you still there drive over the Brunig Pass and look at the end of the pass in kanton Niedwalden a very nice church.

But at Summertime, keep your money and take your Motorbike, You can start your own Trip maybe in Luzern, drive over the Brunig Pass to Interlaken have a look at Mysterie Park, come back to Meiringen and drive over the Grimselpass (Really GREAT WAY)
http://www.mysterypark.ch (english too) - i never go before.
Over the Grimsel I go before whit my thai wife from Meiringen to a freands in Chur.she got really sick about the curves over there. Depence how you like to drive, the streets in switzerland are always very good.
This way is more nice whit the Motorbike. Swiss Biker like to go there.

In 3-4 h you drive from north to south switzerland in 2-3h from west to east switzerland and every where are restaurants, oil shops hotels.
Dont scary its save and easy here.
arround is germane, french, italy, austria.
best thing is whit Camping Car or Motorbike ;-)

Greetings from switerland