View Full Version : GE keeps telling me it's sorry

08-12-2005, 01:32 AM
I have recently uninstalled a 3-week old version of GE, and downloaded the latest-greatest today. I am experiencing the same situation with the new download that I was with the older one. After zooming around for a while, I get a little window that tells me something like "We are sorry. Google Earth has encountered an unexpected error and will shut down." then it asks me if I want to report the error, and I always do. What bugs me is, I ALWAYS DO. I have never had the pleasure of exiting the program deliberately. It always tells me, on startup, that it didn't close down properly and that I might want to delete my cache files.

I am running XPH using a 2300 Athlon with 1 gb of ram and over 300 gb of HD.
I read most of the entries on this forum, but to my knowledge, no one else reported this kind of situation.
Am I incompatable, or what?

08-12-2005, 02:00 AM
NOTE:When you report an error it doesn't send it to Google, but rather to Microsoft and since Microsoft recently released MSN Virtual Earth they probaly wouldn't try to fix the problem. you can try contacting Google Support by going to http://earth.google.com and clicking on support somewhere on the support page there should be a link that says "Contact Us" state your issue or problem. Google should email you back within a few days (sometimes they don't because they have other emails that they have to respond to first) if this problem presists you should probaly contact Geek Squad at your local Bestbuy or contact your local computer store and have your computer checked out. Thanks for Posting,Hypeserver