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08-12-2005, 04:56 PM
Here are things that are in the works for the game. Some items might get added today, some tomorrow, some next week, some never. It's essentially my scratchpad, but I thought I'd share it with the world.

** - It'd be class to be able to either train soldiers or buy different types of soldiers, e.g. marines etc, or for example tanks etc. which would enable cities to much more difficult to take over. Obviously these would cost more but it would take proportinately more weaker soldiers to defeat them. Also could experience be training so the longer a group survives the better they become?

** - Make nuke shields expire after a semi-random period of time.

- How about the ability to stop an army when it is moving across the globe? This way we could start an army toward a destination and for whatever reason stop it before it gets there without having to redirect it or return it. It would just stop and sit to wait for its next orders.

- Require oil and/or cotton to be able to move an army.

- It would be useful to keep track of statistics, both for users (confidential information for them alone), as well as collectively. For example, I might like to know how many armies I spent defending a particular city over a period of a few weeks. It might be useful to break it down by date, as well as giving totals. Then for everyone, summary statistics could be given -- how many players spent how many armies fighting over which cities, and so forth.

- it would be useful, if the placemark "last attack" would mark the city, what was attacked (like the "you found a jewel" mark marks the jewel) and if you use an other symbol for that. something like a huge skull would be great

- How about intelligence reports that cost jewels? That's basically what spies do, anyway. So if I want to see when a particular user is active, for example -- I mean, I want to be able to have access to reports that show when the person did what -- bought armies, gained jewels, etc. (sysop-type info!), I can. For a price.

- It would be nice to trade armies in for Geos. It would also be nice if you'd get .75 Geos per troop, just like it costs to buy them.

- i think there should be a "convert all"-button on the convert ressources page so you dont have to enter manually the maximum number into the field.
maybe only one button for all ressources or 1 for every ressource.

- Click an enemy's pup tent, and have a link to attack 'em. Select which army, from where, and that army goes out to intercept and attack 'em, travelling direct to the computed intercept point.

- When you select an army to move from one city to another it calculates the time. Can this same thing be set up in a calculator available from the main page? For strategy reasons I'd like to know how long it is going to take to move from one city to another, before I actually have to request the army to move. Just a couple of simple dropdown boxes for the FROM and TO cities and then a button to run the calculation. Nothing fancy.

- Currently in the big city list, you can sort by owner, name, size and armies. It would be good to get a regional view as well. Could you add a column for continent? You could then sort by continent and see all the North American cities together, Asian, Australian, etc. They'll just be divided along geographical lines, and not geopolitical, so it won't change over time.

- When you are attacking a city and you press the attack button, you can choose what army to attack it with...could it show on that screen what my enemy is? This is the second time i accidently killed an ally. Yeah pretty dumb. I had the screen in front of me with paris and b0436736437 in it.
But because i didn't attack right away, aravan beat me to it.
I then pressed the attack button and choose my army...but b046374637637 wasn't in it anymore.

Be sure to check the change log forum (http://www.googleearthhacks.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=19) to see the items recently added to the game.