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03-11-2007, 12:01 AM
This is a discussion thread for the following file:<br><br><b><a href=http://www.gearthhacks.com/dlfile24543/yugo-car-factory.htm>yugo car factory</a></b><br><br>factory parking lot, lots of new yugos :)<br><br><img src=http://www.gearthhacks.com/images/new/080505/213182yugo.jpg>

03-11-2007, 12:02 AM
What's a "yugo"?

Captain Hornblower
03-11-2007, 07:54 AM

03-12-2007, 12:47 PM
What's a "yugo"?

SpiderX22, How could you ever forget the classic wonderful erm.... Yugo 45!

Just joking, I knew of them, but I'm a car nut anyway!

Renee Guillen
07-21-2011, 08:17 AM
Can anyone here tell me What are the advantages of having Yugo car? I might buy one in the future. My friends told me that it's a good car but I want to gain more information just to make it sure ill never regret buying that car. What about the Yugo Par (http://www.thepartsbin.com/guides/yugo/gvx/brake_master_cylinder.html)ts and accessories, What can you say about that too. Thanks for the info! :)