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Why did my cursor change into a different symbol?

You likely changed your navigation preference by mistake. It's easy to change back. In Google Earth, go to [Tools] and then [Options]. In the box that pops up, click on the [Navigation] tab at the top. The default setting is "Trackball", which is probably what you are used to. Feel free to play with the other options in there.

Rotate Google Earth just a little bit

Have you ever wanted to rotate your view just a squish? I mean, just barely nudge the compass about 1 to get a road perfectly horizontal or a building squared up on screen? Using the "Rotate Right" and "Rotate Left" buttons turns the globe by 6 per click, this is often too big of a step. Keyboard shortcut time! Alt-Shift-Left Arrow key will rotate the world clockwise just less one degree. Alt-Shift-Right Arrow key will rotate the world counterclockwise by less than 1.

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