Google Earth 3D Modellers

  1. Mickey
    I've made a few models, but I'm really not very good at it.
  2. GEH4EVR
    All Modellers welcome, What ones did you make then?
  3. SpiderX22
    I'm absolutely terrible at it, and don't have the patience *skill* for it..
  4. ghostinthemachine
    i dont want to brag but i seem to show some skill at the sketch-up modeling program. would be happy to help anyone with what i have learned. i do think i should stop building personal models of fictional places long enough to throw some towns together.. . . .
  5. GEH4EVR
    Ghost, any models are good models! Any examples of some you've made?
  6. GEH4EVR
    Hey Folks! Big News! Google has released Google SketchUp 7!
  7. jamer123
    ive made google sketch up models but not saved at the moment
  8. Bdizzle1976
    Hello Fellow Group Members. I think I need some help. I'm not too good with this computer stuff...but i'm trying to learn all the bells and whistles of Google Earth and how I can add a map to my website. I tried to "upload a file" by using my web address for my party supplies company Tried to use this hyper text like Moonwalk Birthday Party rentals Massachusetts It said I had an error. I'm not really sure what I should do. I might need to put my Google Earth Map on my site first...then give the "File Location". Any suggestions?
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