Macintosh Users

  1. Bordgious
    What Macinoshes do you have? For myself, it is a MacPro and a MacBookPro. Plus a black 80GB iPod Video.
  2. SpiderX22
    Our school uses Macs, and they are all really bad. eMacs on a big slow network.

    I've found that Macs are generally better for stuff like photoshop, flash, and stuff like that...
  3. Bordgious
    The public sector can ruin anything... leave it to government. I have gone Macintosh and haven't looked back.
  4. joemauer19
    the new unibody black macbook
  5. GEH4EVR
    I've got the late '08 Aluminum Unibody 13" Macbook, an early '08 Black MacBook 13", and an iPod touch 8gb 2nd Gen.
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