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Thread: Creating Massive Satellite Picture Posters

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    Default Creating Massive Satellite Picture Posters

    Hi Folks,
    I'd like to create a high resolution 6' x 6' satellite map showing my house in the middle with a 'you are here' sticker pointing to it.

    I'm thinking that I'd bolt two cheap doors together as the canvas and then use one of the programs listed here to generate a large image that I can take to kinkos and paste onto the doors. -

    I'm wondering what the best way might be to get multiple images out of Google Earth ? I could just take a single screenshot but I think it would be better to take a series of them and paste them together into one big image.

    Anyone got any ideas, tips, solutions for this project ?


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    The free version of GE has resolution limitations for saving views; so a wide view will not have the required resolution for your project. So you need to stitch together smaller views that show maximum detail to make a larger picture. To get anywhere near a decent output you probably need to stitch dozens of views together. I would first try a section at the required size and see what the final result would be before going all the way.

    Good luck


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    Well I had a bit of a go and the results were pretty good. Like Stadsman said it's neccessary to save lots of images and then stitch them together. I had 4 A4 sheets with 6 images on each sheet. There's no need for any special poster programs because then you'll just be stitching pictures together and then pulling them apart.

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