Hi guys.

I just watched a video about mysterious tapes. One of them (33:39-46:37) was about a case where an american camera team from a show called "At Once" disappears without any trace inside an old house. Channel was "WACN" I guess.

At the end the video says that "1036 Sun Ave has been declared a forbidden zone. It is buried underneath several layers of concrete and lead."

This is supposed to be happened on May 15, 1989.

I don't know why but I can't find anything about it on Google. Except one german and one french souce. The german one only tells what I already knew from the video.

I just wonder if this place exists. I can't find "1036 Sun Ave East" with Google Earth. I mean... "several layers of concrete an lead; forbidden zone"? If it exists it just MUST be possible to see it on Google Earth!

Let's try to find out guys!

Greets from the old world