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Thread: Submarine structure

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    Default Submarine structure

    Hi !

    What can be this ~150 x ~100 km structure about 700 km west of Madeira ?

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    Welcome to GEH shadoko. This is a good find, it's not in the GEH files nor is it in the GEC database of placemarks.

    I have no idea what it is, but it's unusual and cool.
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    Default What is this?

    Well, at one point, it was touted as proof that Atlantis existed. That explanation did nothing but draw flies and crickets chirping. Many mainstream news outlets (and some not so mainstream) ran with this story but it never got traction especially when other people found other similar areas on the ocean floor through GE.

    I hope this helps.

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    Those are depth sounding tracks. That's how the sea-floor elevations are measured. A ship with a sensor that measures the depth to the seafloor sails in a pattern of some sort (usually a straight line, but in this case a grid). What you are seeing is simply an artifact of how that data was collected.

    Look around the oceans and you will see lines all over the place.
    Matt Fox

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