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    1540: Henry VIII marries his 5th wife, Catherine Howard, she was 19 and Henry 49. 1542 she was executed for adultery. She was a cousin of Henry VIII second wife, Anne Boleyn. She was also executed.

    1586: The first potatoes arrives in England from Colombia.

    1794: Robespierre and 4 other allied were guillotined.

    1858: The first finger print was used as identification. It was invented by William Herschel at the Indian Civil Service, Jungipur, India. He took a print of a Rajyadhar Konai from the back side of a contract.

    1914: Austria-Hungary declares Serbia war after the murdering of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on june 28th. This was the begin of WW I.

    1945: An american B52 bomber came out of course because of fog and flew into Empire State Building in New York. 13 people were killed.
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