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Thread: Google Earth Survey (5-10 Minutes)

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    Smile Google Earth Survey (5-10 Minutes)


    I am studying MSc Information Management in the University of Sheffield.
    As part of my dissertation, I need to carry out a questionnaire.
    My supervisor is Peter Willett ( I would be very
    grateful if you could follow the link below and complete my questionnaire regarding your use of Google Earth/Map.

    To participate please follow the link:

    Please accept my apologies if this post is not of interest to you.
    All questionnaire responses will be collected anonymously.


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    Interesting survey Cindy. I started to delete your post (to my knowledge you didn't ask any admins or mods before attempting to gather data from our users, a big no-no in protocol) (and if you did, please accept my apologies)

    But I took the survey to see what it was about before taking any unilateral action.

    The survey seems to be geared entirely to academia - especially page 2, questions 2, 3,and 4. I would guess that criterion represents only a minor percentage of members of this community. Why no options for people in the real world?

    The survey is entitled "Google Earth/Map Users Survey", yet the intro mentions the survey is about Google Map/Earth and MS Visual Earth. Once inside the survey, all queries seem to be related to GEarth. And some questions are confusing since the choices of response are valid primarily for academia.

    Hopefully you will share the results here once you have the responses.

    And, just FYI, there is a barely documented feature in the Survey Monkey options. On the last page, you can cause the link to jump to any web page of your choice instead of the default of the SM home page. I use Survey Monkey a lot (full paid pro version) and it does a great job of gathering information and data.

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