Hi you,

I am newbie here, I have a question and searched (almost) all this
communication but not found the answear: I use ge_cachebuilder from
(it will create a kml file with a changing coordinate scaning in a
region, then GE read this file to display it)
I check the kml file it created, the Range is correct as I want (for
example I want to view at the range 600m) but when GE load this file,
I can only view at 1000m, even I choose a lower or higher value for
range. But if I press the Play tour button then the camera comes to my
desired value. Then, at the next step, the camera comes to 1000m

I don't know if I am wrong in some configure, or it is a bug of GE? I
want to build the cache to view GE offline, is there any other program
can do this?

I use Ubuntu 7.04, GoogleEarth 4.1.

Thanks in advance.