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Thread: Same Cruise Ship, 2 locations!

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    Default Same Cruise Ship, 2 locations!

    OK.....How cool is this?

    I found Royal Caribbean's "Nordic Empress" in 2 locations in GE. Nordic Empress is a one of a kind cruise ship, it has no sister ships. (rccl does not operate more than one of it's "class" as it does other ships.)

    Both pics are of the ship before refit, and renaming to "Empress of the Seas" last year.

    Anybody else have any "doubles" photos?
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    Default Found another One

    This time, a car

    Same Exact Car and Tow truck. Most likely a result of 2 images taken seconds apart, and then spliced together.
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    Default Yet another

    A white car behind a blue car.....a little bit up the way, the same white car behind the same blue car, as they approach an intesection.
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    Default Nice

    There must be a lot of these doubles. Maybe even triples
    Thank you Google

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    Holy Crap.....the ship's gone!...all of the ships from my new york post are missing!

    It's been replaced with SUPER high resolution, though!

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