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Thread: Writing programs for GE

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    Default Writing programs for GE

    Does anyone know if it is possible to write a program to scan for buildings larger than a specified square footage? Has anyone done this before?

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    I don't think anyones ever done this before, and I don't think it would be to easy, becuase Google Earths imagery is sometimes off by quite a bit, also if the image was taken from an aircraft, it would be a slight angle, and therfore if a program was able to measure it, would think that it was larger that actual size.

    Maybe someone else here could say more...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GEH4EVR View Post
    Maybe someone else here could say more...
    I think you're pretty much spot on. And in addition to many buildings being at a slight angle I bet multi-tiered buildings would also pose a problem.

    And of course these problems only matter if you can find image recognition software that can accomplish this in the first place, and I doubt such software is freely available.

    Of course if you did have access to such software, and you were looking at a fairl small area it might help you weed out the really small buildings so you can go through by hand more easily.

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