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Thread: Links to GE Locations?

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    Default Links to GE Locations?

    Sorry the title is a little vague!

    This is my first post to GE forum.

    I spend most of my life on a car forum for the Ariel Atom. Someone came up with a thread - Find your old car on Google Earth!

    I have a question:

    I'm able to find my cars parked at my home but how can I then post a link to that GE location on my car forum?

    It would be nice if on my other forum they could just click a link that would take them to 'my cars' found on GE.

    Gosh, does that make sense?

    Many thanks


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    You have to create a placemark where your car is. Save that placemark on your computer. Then just add an attachment at your post in that forum by uploading the placemark. The owner of the forum must have added the kml and/or kmz-format to the allowed uploads. If not yet, you can ask him. It is actually no big deal the add this.

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    Datasafe - do you know how to create and save a kmz file? If so, on your Ariel Atom forum, one of the options should be to attach a file. Use that and upload your file to the forum.

    If you don't know how to create and save a placemark, here's the cliff notes version:

    After you have found your car in GEarth, click the little thumbtack at the top of the screen. In the pop-up window, give your file a name and add some detail if you want. Click "OK".

    Now on the left side of your screen, in your "My Places" area, you will see your file. Right click on it and choose "Save". Now the file is saved on your computer and you can upload it to your forum.

    And be sure to upload it here. I've never heard of an Ariel Atom car, after reading the Wikipedia entry about it, it sounds like a way cool car.

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