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Thread: icons composing of multiple images

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    Default icons composing of multiple images


    In my small project I need to display some objects on GE and i have to
    show the right icon for these objects. But the problem is with the
    icons. Because icons for these objects consists of multiple images.
    For example lets say if object is Type A then icon for this object
    will have a square frame and if it is Type B then it will have
    circular if Type C then it will be dashed circular etc... And this is
    only for framing. And to classify it icon has some extra layer in the
    middle like if it is Class A it has + if it is class C it has * etc...

    So a full icon will have Framing_gif+Classifying_gif. I dont want to
    go to Photoshop and create all these possible combinations because
    there are 2200 gifs there i cant think of the combinations.

    So my question is, is it possible to create an icon consisting from
    multiple gifs?



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    Unfortunately I don't believe this is possible. Could you do color-coding instead of frames? That's quite easy to do, and with the ability to save custom colors you can keep a large store of these.

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