one way to get around this is to have multiple pulldown lists for the catigories. so, first puldown you select bank, second select bank of america.
Or another way I think yould work better is to use predictive text in the subject line. sort of like IE does with search history when youre typing a web address. This can also help with mispellings.
Good idea. However, my Flash skills are very weak (it took me a while to build those simple forms), so I'd need some serious help from a Flash expert.

Predictive text in the subject line.
From this, a catagory list would become active with posible choices based on the subject entered. This would also aid in selecting the subject. Include the "other" option for new catagories and places.
After the catagory is selected and the place has a title, there is a area to select an Icon. Defult, User submited, or new... This will also be determined by the subject.
and then you have the post section for a discription. as "Optional"
Very good ideas. I'm trying to keep it simple for now, but if things get busier I'll need to consider ideas like this.

The way it works right now is that we have dozens of hidden categories that you don't see in the drop-down, mostly for smaller chains of restaurants and shopping venues. When someone submits a location for a site that's not in the drop-down, we can often just put it in the correct category and move on. I'm trying to keep the drop-down list on the site pretty clean, so most categories aren't visible there.

For single locations (mom & pop restaurants, etc), we have the ability to upload thread-specific icons. I've not opened that up to the users for two reasons:

1 - I'm trying to keep everything inside of Google Earth. As of now, that would require an external web page.
2 - I'm trying to keep them all at the exact same specs. While many users would follow posted specs, I'm sure many others wouldn't.

That being said, this is another case where I'll probably open it up to the users once the level of posts/day increases.