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    I've been craving an iPhone since I first heard about them, but I'm in a contract with Verizon and it'd be too expensive to get out (not to mention that Verizon is pretty good).

    Verizon just announced that the "Voyager" is coming out in a couple months.

    It's iPhone-ish in the front (large touch screen), but still flips open like the EnV and has a small screen and full QWERTY keyboard inside. My phone does that and it's GREAT for texting.

    My big concern about this phone is that is has a "fully HTML browser". I'm pretty sure that's how they described the browser on my current phone and it's awful. Not sure why they didn't put Opera Mini in there.

    Anyhow, what do you think? Since I'm stuck with Verizon anyhow, I'll be giving this phone a close look.
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