Right now, the system shows the 25 items with the highest number of replies (sub-sorted by highest number of views). I'd like to enhance that a bit.

I'm thinking of writing a script that will run periodically (once an hour?) and give every thread a value, based on how important it is.

For example:
- Every thread starts with 1000 points
- They lose 10 points for each day that it's gone without a reply
- They gain 200 points for each reply
- They gain 1 point for each view
- If they are in the "restaurant" or "shopping" category they lose 100 points.

Then, on every screen that a user views it will show the top 25 threads with the highest point value in their viewing area.

The idea is that I don't want things like a random Burger King in Kansas to come up if you're viewing the whole US, unless there was a major news event (like a shooting) at that Burger King.

So, tweak the point scale. What would make it work best?