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Dresden (Overlay)

From the diary of Dresden:

In the evening February 13th, 244 Lancaster bombers and 9 Mosquitos of the 5th Bomberfleet of the RAF took of from their base in South-England. Codename of the mission: Chevin.

21.39: Air raid warning in Dresden

21.45: The newsspeaker in Dresden reports the approach of strong forces.

22.00: The first marking bombs are falling over the stadium in Ostragehege. In low level flight the Mosquitos are marking the target area.

22.11: The masterbomber gives signal for attack.

22.13: Dropping the bombs begins. It takes 24 minutes and sets the complete downtown on fire.

February 14th 1945 01.23 to 01:54: The second wave of attack rolls towards Dresden. 529 bombers are dropping the lethal payload over Dresden. 15 km2 are burning. 650,000 Stabbrandbomben (incendiary bombs), 529 air mines and 1,800 high-explosive bombs are dropped over Dresden.

12.17: 311 Liberators of the USAAF are flying a ten-minutes air raid on the destroyed city. Targets are important transportation facilities. 1,800 high-explosive bombs and 136,800 Stabbrandbomben are dropped.

Some aircrafts are flying a fake attack on several city, e.g. Prague. Only 6 of the 1,400 bombers don't come back.

Around noon the burnt out dome of the Frauenkirche collapsed.

February 15th 1945: Between 11:51 and 12:01 another air raid of the 8th US Airfleet. Another 3,700 high-explosive bombs are dropped. Dresden burns again for 4 more days and nights.

Officials reports 35,000 people lost their life in Dresden. Most of them couldn't be identified. The dead bodies were burnt on the Altmarkt (Old Market) and the crematorium Tolkewitz and buried at the Heidefriedhof.

The correct number of casualties will never be revealed. Between 35,000 and 70,000 deads are discussed by scientist. Even the meaning and the effect on the war of the is discussed controversially.

The sector you can see in the picture is the target area.