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Thread: 10 Millionth Download coming soon - win a SpaceNavigator!

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    Default 10 Millionth Download coming soon - win a SpaceNavigator!

    In about two weeks, the 10 millionth file will be downloaded from Google Earth Hacks. In celebration of that, 3DConnexion has sent us two SpaceNavigators to give away! I absolutely love my SpaceNavigator, and I'm thrilled that they've given us a few more to give away. Here's how the contest will work:

    - Guess the date and time of our 10 millionth download.
    - You can see the current count on our main file downloads page.
    - The two people closest to the correct time win!

    Pretty easy, huh? Now for a few rules:

    - No entries will be accepted once we have more than 9,950,000 downloads.
    - You may only enter once.
    - You may not modify your entry. Once it's in, it's in.
    - All times listed are in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) timezone.

    You can use this thread to discuss the contest. To enter, use our official entry thread here.

    Good luck!

    Additional clarification, added 4:41pm EST - Feb 1, 2008

    - If you fail to designate AM or PM, your entry will be considered to be written in military time.
    - In the event of a tie, should two people submit the same time/date and/or if two time/dates are exactly equal from the winning time, the first entrant will be the winner.
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