Boss battles work. Here is the general idea:

- There are "zones" throughout the world, as discussed before.
- Each zone has one city in it.
- This city has a boss and holds a crystal.
- Defeat the boss, earn the crystal.

Bosses are slightly stronger (in terms of attack) than most enemies in the area, with a lot more HP. Like with other enemies, you cannot visit a shop or move during a battle. Unlike other enemies, running is not an option. Once you start fighting a boss, you kill them or they kill you -- no other way out.

Most monsters on the board only have a single instance. If I kill it, then no one else can. However, bosses/crystals are individual for each player. The HP you take from the boss is specific to you.

Each boss can only be defeated once. Once defeated, the city changes from a square to a star to indicate that you've taken the crystal from there.

Once all of the crystals have been earned, then there'll be some huge boss somewhere or something...