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Thread: To-do list

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    Default To-do list

    • Add more weapons
    • Add more spells
    • Figure out a way for more user interaction
    • Show more details when you click on a user. In particular, show what they're doing (in a shop, fighting a bear, etc).
    • Side quests?
    • A level five zone? Hidden until all other crystals are earned?
    • Limit the number of items that can be held at once. 6?
    • Clean up the error messages in the Flash pieces to make them more readable.
    • Track more statistics for each player (total enemies killed, etc)
    • Build a leaderboard -- more crystals earned, highest level, most gold, etc
    • Track recent user activity so the network link can be more inclined to show recently active users.
    • Raise potion costs by 5
    • Create a heal spell
    • Add a "last item used" box
    • Offer a "six-pack" for items in the store
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