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Thread: The Animal Challenge

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    Arrow The Animal Challenge

    I am a wildlife fanatic and love observing wild animals,

    if any one can find a selection of exotic animals or wild animals on GE,
    i would love to see it,

    so i set it about you - can anyone find animals on GE?

    get looking


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    Many are allready found. Just browse our People/Animal dierectory:

    And further more if not allredy found, just look near the red plane:
    Layers --> Geographic Web --> Preview --> Preview: Africa Megaflyover

    And if you look around The Netherlands and other places with very Hi-res images you see more.
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    Thumbs down no he is not

    hi i am zoe lewis's sis and he is not a wildlife finatic so i don't know wat he is on about so dont belive him he is scamming you :

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