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LDS (Mormon) Meetinghouses in the US and Canada

Hello fellow geography lovers!

For those of you who love geography and are interested in the building activities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have created a KMZ file that may interest you. The church is also known as the LDS Church, or the Mormon Church. My file is a visual representation of almost all of the meetinghouses in the USA and Canada of the LDS Church in the USA and Canada. The file is located at:

LDS meetinghouses are different from LDS temples. Temples are buildings in which devout Latter-day Saints make promises, perform special ceremonies and worship God. Access to the temples is restricted to those Latter-day Saints who have been deemed worthy by local church leaders. As of April 2008, there are only about 125 LDS temples in the entire world. Meetinghouses, in contrast, are the places where weekly services and activities are held, and there are thousands of them worldwide. Meetinghouses are open to the public, and visitors are welcome to attend services conducted therein any time.

The file I have created pinpoints approximately 6,700 meetinghouses of the LDS Church. This represents most of the meetinghouses in the US and Canada at the present time. Even so, I know my file contains hundreds of omissions. When I couldn't locate a meetinghouse with much accuracy, I often skipped it. Also, if the meetinghouse was a rental, or not owned outright by the LDS Church, I often skipped it. I now regret doing that, but do not feel like going back at this time to correct those omissions. Furthermore, I am quite certain I made mistakes in pinpointing many of the meetinghouse locations. So if you see a placemark in the street, it usually means I wasn't quite sure which building was the LDS meetinghouse!

Your help in making my guesses more accurate, or in informing me of additional LDS meetinghouses anywhere in the world, is quite welcome.

All the best,

Mark Cross

Eustis FL