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McNair Barracks, Berlin, Germany

Barracks of the US Berlin Brigade (BBDE).

First US troops in Berlin were from the 2nd "Hell on Wheels" Armored Division who were soon replaced by elements of the 82nd "All American" Airborne Division and 78th "Lightening" Infantry Division. Shortly, these two divisions were withdrawn; replaced by the 3rd "Old Guard" Infantry Regiment which was inactivated in 1946. 3rd Battalion, 16th Infantry "Rangers" of the 1st Infantry Division, and 16th Constabulary Squadron (Separate) occupied Berlin's US Sector from 1946 until 1950 when 6th Infantry Regiment "GATORS" was activated to replace them.

Pentomic reorganization of 1958 replaced 6th Infantry Regiment with 2nd Battle Group, 6th Infantry, and 3rd Battle Group, 6th Infantry. The International Crisis caused by construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 resulted in the Berlin Brigade being reinforced by units of the 8th "Golden Arrow" Infantry Division, 24th "Victory" Infantry Division, 4th "Ivy" Infantry Division, and 1st "Big Red One" Infantry Division until 1966. Berlin Brigade's 1963 reorganization replaced 2nd & 3rd Battle Groups, 6th Infantry with 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry; 3rd Battalion, 6th Infantry; and 4th Battalion, 18th Infantry "Vanguards" which was replaced in 1972 by 4th Battalion, 6th Infantry.

Another reorganization in 1984 replaced 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Battalions, 6th Infantry with 4th Battalion, 502nd Infantry; 5th Battalion, 502nd Infantry; and 6th Battalion, 502nd Infantry. These three "STRIKE" Battalions called Berlin "home" until American forces left Berlin in 1994.