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    Default Spaghetti Junction Birmingham discussion

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    Spaghetti Junction Birmingham

    Spaghetti Junction is a motorway junction masquerading as England's largest car park and is probably Birmingham's most famous landmark. On a road map it can be identified as Junction 6 on the M6 leading to the centre of Birmingham. Officially it is recorded as Gravelly Hill Interchange, but nobody ever uses this title as the local term - Spaghetti Junction - perfectly captures the essence of its appearance and travellers' experiences. The name almost allows people to visualise the way three motorways meet and tangle with a whole host of major and minor roads that lead into and out of Brum (local vernacular for Birmingham). Raised hundreds of feet above the ground on concrete pillars, strips of road twist above, below and around each other rather like an octopus trying to swat a fly.

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    Default Missed?

    Spaghetti junction appears to be two miles north of your marker.

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    Here's a .kmz of it's location

    *edit* GE just opened my .kmz and took me to patrickf's location !
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    Default Doh!!

    Sorry, the first one i uploaded was incorrect and in my rush to correct it I took the wrong location.

    My apologies



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