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The Strait of Messina Bridge

The Strait of Messina Bridge

location: south of Italy, between Sicily island and Calabria

From Official Website :

...For the design of a crossing structure, the Preliminary Project definitively opted for a 3,300-metre long single-span suspension bridge which would have the world's longest central span.

The timetable

•End of 2006: opening of construction sites after the procedure

for the approval of the final design.

• Six years for the completion of the works and, in 2012,

the opening of the bridge.

Technical Project

• 3,300 metres - length of the central span

• 3,666 metres - the total length

• 60.4 metres - width of the suspended deck

• 382.60 metres - total height of the towers

here... 3D Model, Image Overlay & Link

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