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Thread: how to ask??

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    Default how to ask??

    I asked a question a month ago (subject: won't download).
    I got no answer.
    Am I asking wrong way? Or wrong place? Or what?
    Please, help me.
    Thank you.

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    You did indeed ask a question back on May 5, 2008.

    I think the biggest help would be to tell us what file you are referring to. On the back end, we can't search for denied files by user name.

    And the mod who denied would (usually) need to be the one who answers your query. It could be that mod missed your original question.

    I'm sure you've seen many instances where a user asks a question about a submitted file and does receive a reply. We really do try to reply to all issues of this matter. So please accept our apologies for disappointing you and realize "ignoring" (i.e. 'overlooking') a valid question is not how we do things.

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    It was a file called National Bench of Hungary.

    I tried to download it 5 times but with no luck. Instead my GE crashed. and still does.

    That's why I denied it.

    You indeed asked a question but I didn't see it.

    I don't know how big your file is. The max is 2MB.

    Finally I sent you a mail about it but obviously it got lost in the Internet. Sorry for that. But please try to remake your file and another mod can try it.

    One final thing, remember we mods are also humans and do make mistakes too like everybody else. We mods have so much to do here on GE and we also do it voluntarily in our spare time.

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