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Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

Number of rooms: 160

Cost: $5,500,000

Date of Construction: 1884 - September 5, 1922

Stories: Before 1906 Earthquake - 7; presently 4

Number of basements: 2

Heating: Steam, forced air, fireplaces

Windows: Frames 1,257; panes approx. 10,000

Doorways: 467

Doors : approx. 950 not including cabinet doors.

Fireplaces: 47 (gas, wood, or coal burning)

Chimneys: Presently 17 with evidence of 2 others

Bedrooms: Approx. 40

Kitchens: 5 or 6

Staircases: 40, total of stair steps - 367

Skylights: Approx. 52

Gallons of paint required to paint entire home: Over 20,000

Ballrooms: 2 (one nearly complete, and one under construction)

Blueprints available: No, Mrs. Winchester never had a master set of blueprints, but did sketch out individual rooms on paper and even tablecloths!