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Thread: rubbish resolusion

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    Post rubbish resolusion

    take a look at this island i found in the ocean but there is one problem with it_ only one part it the resolusion is desent whereas the rest of it the resolusion is rubbish! take a look and give me your veiws
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    They can only put in what they have. If the satellite takes an image, but isn't able to get the whole island, that's all they can go with. They'll fill it out properly once one of the QuickBird satellites gets the rest of it. At least they managed to get Jamestown in the image, even if it is partially covered with clouds.

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    It's interesting that they captured a high-res area that's about the size of the island, but captured mostly water. Like Munden said, at least you got a little bit of high-res.

    The house we lived in during my teens has been on the border of high-res since Google Earth was first released:

    (we lived on the small lake in the center of the screen)

    Very frustrating, but I know they'll catch up eventually.

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