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Thread: When will it be Christmas?

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    Talking When will it be Christmas?

    Today the 50th. World Santa Claus Congress began in the oldest amusement park in the World, Bakken north of Copenhagen. Santas from al over the World join together.

    They will decide when Christmas is going to be this year. Will it again be as usual or will they come out with a new date. Let's see.

    (Photo from Visit Denmark)

    The World Santa Claus Congress in Bakken began 1958 when a danish mountebank, Professor Tribini, had a crazy idea. To gather Santa in the summer to decide when it will be Christmas in Denmark.

    (Professor Tribini. Photo from the Danish Circusmuseum)

    All over the World they laughed when they heard the story but Santa's liked the idea and wanted to join. And today more than 150 Santa's will participate.
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