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Hombre Rio - River man

The River Man is a floating sculpture located in Cordova, Spain and was made by the sculptors Rafael Cornejo and Francisco Marks. The sculture is made of cork. On April 18th in 2006 it was placed in the river Guadalquivir and anchored to the bottom to avoid the drift.

One week after its appearance, the sculpture came off its anchorages and was running aground. It's sculptors decided then to retire it. On January 8th 2007 the sculptors placed a new River Man, but this time made of polyester, at the Miraflores bridge where we see it now in Google Eart. In that place it remained until day 22 of November 2007. Then the river was swelling caused of too much rain and the anchorage broke again. The sculpture ran aground and had to be rescued by firemen.