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Thread: Strange circuit board, city-like patterns underwater

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    Default Strange circuit board, city-like patterns underwater

    Not sure if I've seen an explanation for this or not, but some really interesting artefacts or something under the shadows of clouds near Maldives and then in other nearby areas really close by, but not under clouds and in different colors. I've seen similar patterns in the Laguna de Paca images from Peru. Anyone have an idea?
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    It's a common question. The pattern is not on the planet or under the water, you're seeing the patterns from the CCD of the satellite itself. Water brings it out the best when it's nearly a solid color, and especially when the water is dark.

    CCD, by the way: Charge-Coupled Device, the chip in the satelllite's digital camera.

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    This is a farming operation seen through light cloud cover. Green color = crops Brown color = plowed fields. There are more to the NE.
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    My vote is with Munden Some kind of digital artifact.
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