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Thread: Strange dots and scratch marks

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    Default Strange dots and scratch marks

    Hi I am new and I hope that my post will came out correctly. I did find some strange dots and scratch marks in the locations attached. Many more can be found in an radius of 5km. Since I know this area, these dots is not on the ground and it can't be clouds. Is there any explanation for this?.
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    The areas you've marked are fields to graze cattle, probably cows. Some are visible next to the dots you've marked. What I'm seeing for the 'dots' is spots where they dump large bundles of hay for extra feed. The 'scratches' are either low-lying spots that suffered some water damage in rains that have dried up, but left nearly-dead grass .. or they are something to do with the field being worn in those areas from cattle feeding and the like. I'm less sure about those scratches, though.

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    Strange, but those marks really are on the ground. I'm going to guess the dots are water wells for livestock, or maybe feed.

    Scratch marks appear to be from livestock. Not sure why the weird shape. Maybe the livestock like to herd together in a natural formation and it wears down the vegetation.

    Of course, it all could have been caused by aliens also
    Matt Fox

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