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Thread: Abandoned Mansion near Syracuse Amtrak line

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    Question Abandoned Mansion near Syracuse Amtrak line

    Hey guys, I travel a lot from Buffalo to Philadelphia to visit college friends, mostly by car. However, one time I decided to take an Amtrak home from Philly, to NYC, to Upstate NY, and finaly over to Buffalo.

    About 5-7 minutes at probably 60+mph before I reached East Syracuse, I noticed a huge abandoned house/mansion in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere. There were no roads or any other houses for as far as you could see, and the place must have been there for over a hundred years because I couldnt even see a driveway (must have been overgrown for over a century). There wasnt a town in sight, it was just a huge house in the middle of a field with a few trees growing around it and it's 1-2 sheds/barns. Im going to guess it was a little over a football field from the rail line, and about 200 yards from a forested area.

    I managed to backtrack from East Syracuse on Google Earth and found something that looks very similar to this place. I tried looking up the gps coordinates but nothing turned up online. Im 99.9% sure these are the coordinates, but if not I have another set to try possibly.

    Here they are: 43 04'58.88 N 75 55'47.44 W

    If anyone knows anything about this place or has photos or better satellite images, let me know. I might be moving to Rochester by the end of the year and would like to hike out to this place. That is unless some gang put a meth lab in there lol.
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