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Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, CA

Coit Tower on Telegraph hill in San Francisco has provided visitors, and locals, with impressive views of The City since its completion in 1933.

Lillie Hitchcock Coit, philanthropist and admirer of the fire fighters at the 1906 earthquake fire, left funds to The City for beautification of San Francisco.

Those funds were used for the construction of the 210 ft. tall art deco Coit Tower at the top of Telegraph Hill. The tower’s design is reminiscent of a fire hose nozzle and was quite controversial. The Golden Gate Bridge is another San Francisco landmark with an art deco design.

Works Progress Administration murals, now protected as a historical treasure, can be viewed inside the first floor of the Coit Tower. These Diego Rivera-inspired murals were completed in 1933. Three Coit Tower mural pictures can be enlarged to the left. The link above will take you to a web site with a more complete Coit Tower murals photo collection.