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The “Yotei-maru" was a railway ferry built in 1965 that plied between Aomori and Hakodate. Named after Mt. Yotei (Ezo Fuji) in Hokkaido, this ship traveled a total of 4 million nautical km and carried 11.78 million passengers during its 22 years and 7 months of service. It ceased operations with the opening of the Seikan (Aomori-Hakodate) tunnel in March 1988, but until then it played an active role as the main artery connecting Honshu with Hokkaido. After being taken out of operation, the “Yotei-maru"served as the Japanese government's floating pavilion during the 1992 “Ship and Sea Expo"held in Genoa, Italy. Since then, the ship has been remodeled, exhibited and preserved at the Museum of Maritime Science where it is open to the public.