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Thread: area 51 in use

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    Default area 51 in use

    This picture shows that area 51 is in use today.
    The coordinates taken from the picture show the uav is almost 2 miles away(with altitude considered).
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    1) The main comment I'd like to get across is that the placemarks are in fact well outside of the boundary for Area 51. Being just slightly north of Highway 95 puts this in the Nellis Air Force Range.

    2) Nobody disputes that Area 51 is in use today. One can watch the workers commute on aircraft from McCarran International on unmarked aircraft to fly up to Groom Lake.

    3) Why go through all of this placemarking empty spots in the desert when the base at Groom Lake clearly shows activity?
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    that is creept I wonder what kinda evil they do there
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