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Thread: Gaudi buildings and constructions in Spain discussion

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    Default Gaudi buildings and constructions in Spain discussion

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    Gaudi buildings and constructions in Spain

    Here are the remaining buildings Gaudi designed in Barcelona and other places in Spain not in our directory.

    He also designed 2 street lamps and the enrerior in two churches and a Rosary Path.

    In Barcelona: Bellesguard, Andreu Calvet House, Vicens House, Santa Teresa School, Sagrada Família Schools, Güell Pavilions, Güell Palace, Miralles Property Fence, Street lamps in Placa Reial and in Placa del Palau.

    In La Pobla de Lillet: Catllaràs Villa, Artigas Gardens.

    In Mataró: Workers Cooperative building.

    In Montserrat: Monumental Rosary path (1st mystery of Glory).

    In Santa Coloma de Cervelló: Colònia Güell Crypt.

    In Garraf (Sitges): Garraf Cellars.

    Out of Catalonia: Botines House (León), El Capricho (Comillas), Episcopal Palace (Astorga).

    In Palma de Mallorca: Interior in Le Seu Cathedral.

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